Sunday, August 4, 2013

Porter Street Bungalow

I'm a sucker for anything vintage, especially with homes, so promptly fell in love with this remodeled bungalow and all the gorgeous millwork.  Moore Architects PC are the talent behind this tasteful remodel.

The home went from this...

to this...

This home now has a large porch that was previously enclosed.

Another angle of the front exterior.

The interior kept to the same bungalow theme with the chunky wood millwork and a blend of painted wood along with stained wood.

I love the little office tucked away in the front of the house.

They kept it traditional in the kitchen with solid wood cabinets and subway tile.  A classic look that will last for generations.

The bead board ceilings add "texture" to the rooms as well.

My favorite room is the bathroom.  I like the simple design and the pretty basket weave tile.

If you want to see more of their beautiful work, visit their website

Friday, May 3, 2013

Law Enforcement Memorial

Today Washington state police officers paid tribute to fellow officers that died in the line of duty or distinguished themselves by exceptional meritorious conduct at the Law Enforcement Medal of Honor Peace Officers Memorial in Olympia.  If you want to learn more about the organization "Behind the Badge Foundation" that created this ceremony and the steward of the memorial, please visit their website.  They work tirelessly to support law enforcement families after an officer has died or been seriously injured while in the line of duty.

Canadian Mounties

My husband Robert (on the left) with two fellow officers Les and Ethan.  

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Paul Allen's Abu Camp

Paul Allen is part owner of a beautiful and intimate safari camp in Botswana called Abu Camp.  Luxurious on all aspects, it sits on 500,000 acres in the Okavango Delta and overlooks a lagoon.

Perfect blend of rustic and elegance

I love the hanging pendant lights behind the couch!

And these pendant lights are gorgeous.  They give off a warm glow which is perfect to create a cozy atmosphere in a larger room.

I love the eclectic collection of frames with chippy paint and some slick and modern.
The whole premise of Abu Camp is to promote elephant conservation.  They even have their own resident herd.

Source: Abu Camp, Forbes, and Jay Graham

Thursday, April 11, 2013


The song "Lovesong" has always been one of my favorites by one of my favorite bands The Cure so I was blown away on American Idol when Candice Glover sang it.  Amazing!

Here's Adele's version of it...also spectacular!!

And the original...beautiful!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Currently Loving...

This bathroom designed by Gary Spain.  I love every little thing about it from the Capiz shell chandelier to the antique photos.  It has an old Hollywood vibe to it with a touch of glamour.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Celebrity Style

I've always been a fan of Ellen DeGeneres and it was interesting to hear a little of her background growing up.  She mentioned she grew up never owning a house as her family always rented, so when she was able to finally afford her first home she purchased a home immediately, and then another, and then another...

The 2011 article about Ellen and her wife Portia was fun to read in Architectural Digest and I love the style in their Beverly Hills home.  It's a mix of traditional, contemporary, fun, and lots of touches of the unexpected.

Perfect example of mixing traditional with contemporary.  They kept it cohesive by sticking to neutral colors with just a pop of color from the artwork and blanket.   I love that lamp hidden away in the far left corner!
Entry to their home and did you know that's a ping pong table in the center?  It's a gorgeous glass and steel table designed by Argentine artist Rirkrit Tiravanoja.  
Cozy living room with couches you could just sink into.
I noticed they keep to subtle patterns and neutral colors even with the artwork.  The Puma art on the wall is perfect!
This kitchen is spectacular with the green cabinets, warm wood floors, antique rugs, and steel cabinetry hanging above the kitchen island.

I'm guessing this is a hallway or library and how interesting with the circular room spotlighting the small statues in the center and collection of books.  I love that chandelier.  I'm seeing a trend here that I like their choices in lighting.
I love the blend of old and new again here in this office.  The earthy plum color of the settee and the antique rug and cabinetry is so subtle and rich.
You have to put your Emmy's somewhere and the antique hutch is the perfect location.
This cracks me up!  Portia's gorgeous high heels on the left and Ellen's colorful sneakers on the right.  
If you want to see more of their home visit Architectural Digest.